Speed My Mac, a program that is available for download and use that will check your computer’s performance and offer suggestions on how you could improve the speed of your computer. There is a lot of potential to improve performance on macs, especially given the many millions of users around all over the world. The program analyzes your computer to determine if it is running slow. If it does then it could suggest beneficial options like updating your operating system , or clearing out your files. It will then detect the reason why your PC is experiencing slow speed my mac performance and then fix the issue automatically.

There are many factors that could slow down your Mac system, with one being the unnecessary programs downloaded on your hard disk. The utility scans your hard drive for useless applications. It will ensure that your computer runs smoothly. Another reason that slows down your mac is your internet connection. Slow internet connections can slow your downloading and other processes. It will use up a lot of power and reduce the performance of your Mac. Speed My Mac will speed up your mac and fix various errors that are slowing the speed.

Speed My Mac is a application that is extremely in demanded by mac users. It is easy to install, completely free, and will improve your performance in your pc. In order to use this program the only thing you have to do is download it on the site after which it scans your mac computer to find out what you are missing. It will tell you how to boost the performance of your system and what is the best way to save space.

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Name                    : Dr. Vijay Kumar Datta

Father’s Name       : Basudeo Lal Datta

Address                : District- Saptary VDC Belhi-2, Zone Sagarmatha, Nepal

Present Address    : District Dhanusha, Janakpurdham-11 Zone Janakpur , Nepal

Contact :- 9854022882

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D in English
  • MA in English
  • MEd. in English
  • MA in Maithili

Known Language – Maithili, English, Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri& Others

Professional Experiences – More than 20 Years

  • Member   – Human Resources Projection Task Force (Nepal Govt)
  • Academician/ Pragya – Nepal Academy
  • Member – Academic Council, Nepal Sanskrit University
  • Central Member  – NUTA (n-SUTA)
  • Central Advisor – HISSAN
  • Chairman           – Youth Campus Janakpur, TU
  • Academician        – Academic Council, NSU
  • Chairman            – Nepal Vidyapati Puraskar Trust-Culture, Tourism &                                                Civil Aviation & Ministry
  • Chair    – NNETA
  • Co-Ordinator  – Nepal Vidyapati Puraskar Selection Committee,                                             Cultural Ministry, Nepal Govt.
  • Expert             – Socio, Economic & Cultural- BADP, Federal &         Local                                                  Development Ministry, Nepal Govt.
  • Central Member – Nepal Intellectuals’ Council
  • Observer             – Election commission
  • CCM  – Human Rights Alliance/ Forum for Protection of

Human Rights

  • A Senior Activist  –  Human Rights
  • TOT  – Mediation Council , Supreme Court
  • Mediator – Supreme Court
  • EX.Central Vice-President – HISSAN, International Sector


S.N                         Book’s Name Publication year     Remarks
1 Himalaya to Kasmir 2071 Kartik  
2 Women’s Space in Restoration Drama 2071 Aswin  
3 Women’s Perspective in Selective Late

20th Century Indo-Pakistan Ficton

2071 Shrawan  
4 Disability as a Celebration of Complex individuality 2072 Falgun  
5 Reflection on Romantic Poetry        2072  
6 Commodity Cuture Publication- Oriented  
7 Kamal, Novel Publication- Oriented  
8 Unbearable Pregnancy, Poem Publication- Oriented  
9 Marjiba, Translation Publication- Oriented  


10 Markxism in Wordsworth    
11 Materialism in Wordsworth    


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There are many ways to resolve speed my mac slow Mac performance. For a quick check of memory problems First, open Activity Monitor. Choose Quit to end the process you are experiencing. If you want to quit, click Quit. the process takes up too much memory. You can utilize the System Memory tab to check for any slow processes running in your Mac.

Another possible cause for your Mac’s speediness is CPU. If you’re running a program that’s using lots of CPU, then you need to close it. In the Activity Monitor and click the “X” button that is located under the icons. It is possible to use Google to look up applications that consume excessive CPU power, if you don’t know the apps are. This should give you a pretty good idea of which applications are causing your Mac to slow down.

Your Mac could also be slowing down when it is loaded with too many programs. Operating systems will be slower when you run more than one program. Try deleting files that you’re not using or move them to another drive. If you’re not certain why you’re experiencing problems Try opening your Activity Monitor and looking at the complete list of processes running in your Mac. A few errors should appear – this is an indication that the Mac has too many running at once.

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